Field Evaluation and Visual Preference Survey

Field evaluation comprises site visits in different seasons to identify the features and elements that combine to create distinctive patterns in the landscape. The evaluation will include a review of the following as they relate to the Corridor:


   •  Physical influences (e.g., geology and topography);

   •  Human influences (e.g., land use and building styles); and

   •  Visual characteristics (e.g., landmarks and aesthetics).


The visual preference survey will identify what landscape character types are preferred by the public by polling respondents on a number of photographs representing different characteristic types of the corridor. The survey will aid in identifying which characteristic types are preferred by the public and gain insight into why particular characteristic types are preferred. The survey will be conducted through five live workshops and an online survey.

Public Workshops from

August 13-18, 2012


If you were not able to attend our workshops from August 13-18, 2012 then we encourage you to complete the online visual preference survey. You can also review the workshop material and send us your feedback on our Comment Form.



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Field Evaluation

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Final Report

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    Survey completion deadline September 2, 2012



Presentation Boards [pdf, 3.0 mb]


Comment Form [pdf, 0.1 mb]


Comments received by September 2, 2012 will be considered by the project team.


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Map: Character Area 1 Ottawa River to Hogs Back Lock  [pdf, 3.0 mb]


Map: Character Area 2a Hogs Back Lock to Kars [pdf, 2.6 mb]


Map: Character Area 2a Kars to Burritts Rapids [pdf, 1.5 mb]


Map: Character Area 2b Burritts Rapids to Smiths Falls [pdf, 1.6 mb]


Map: Character Area 2c & 3 Smiths Falls to Big Rideau Lake [pdf, 2.3 mb]


Map: Character Area 4a Newboro to Whitefish Lake [pdf, 2.4 mb]


Map: Character Area 4b Whitefish Lake to Lower Brewers [pdf, 2.2 mb]


Map: Character Area 4c Lower Brewers to Kingston Mills [pdf, 5.8 mb]


Map: Character Area 4d Kingston Mills to Kingston [pdf, 5.5 mb]