Final Report

Final Report

Over the course of 2012, the project included desk-based research, extensive mapping of the corridor, field investigations and a public engagement and consultation process including two rounds of public workshops.


We are now pleased to announce the release of the study report!


In the report, you’ll find the analysis of the Corridor’s landscape.  There are 12 landscape character areas, as well as 19 landscape character units.


The report includes prioritized planning and management recommendations to help us manage the Corridor.  This gives us an action plan over the coming years to help protect and enhance the Rideau corridor.



Final Report


To download the entire report click below.


Final Report [pdf, 72.0 mb]


To download individual sections of the report click below.


Main Body [pdf, 6.69 mb]

Appendix A [pdf, 29.9 mb]

Appendix B [pdf, 30.4 mb]

Appendix C [pdf, 1.32 mb]

Appendix D [pdf, 3.86 mb]




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