Desk-Based Research

Desk-based research was conducted as the first step in the development of the landscape character types for the Rideau Corridor. This involved the review of past character descriptions documenting the land use, cultural features, natural conditions, policy areas and special visual resources in the Corridor. Desk-based research also included a review of the following as they relate to the Corridor:


   •  Natural Environment;

   •  History and Culture; and

   •  Growth and Land Use.


The results from this research was combined with input received from stakeholders and a map was developed showing the initial Landscape Character Typologies.  This work was brought forward to the public for review and discussion at the March 2012 workshops.

Workshop Materials from March 6-8, 2012


If you were not able to attend our workshops from March 6 to 8, 2012 then we encourage you to review the workshop material below and send us your feedback on our Comment Form.


Presentation Boards [pdf, 0.3 mb]


Location Map [pdf, 1.7 mb]


Map: Lands Potentially Visible from the Rideau Canal [pdf, 1.8 mb]


Map: Geographic Sectors & Lanscape Character Areas [pdf, 2.6 mb]


Map: Landscape Character Area 1 [pdf, 3.1 mb]


Map: Landscape Character Area 2 [pdf, 1.2 mb]


Map: Landscape Character Areas 2 & 3 [pdf, 1.3 mb]


Map: Landscape Character Area 4 [pdf, 3.6 mb]


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Comment Form [pdf, 0.3 mb]


Comments received by March 30, 2012 will be considered by the project team.


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