Information Scoping

We are currently exploring what information is already out there to properly complete the Landscape Character Assessment.  Missing information will be collected during the next phase of the project, Desk-Based Research.


Tell Us What Landscapes You Value in the Rideau Corridor!


Of course, not all important information can be found by searching the web and reading reports.  You, the people who live, work and visit the Rideau Corridor value particular landscapes and we want to know what they are and why they are important to you.


A photographic library of the Corridor is being developed as part of the project and you can contribute.



Join the                  Group RCLS-SACR, and place your photos on the map of the corridor with a statement about why you value the landscape in the photo.


New to Flickr?  Flickr is an on-line photo sharing tool that is free to

join.  Follow these steps to post your photos:

•    Join Flickr

•    Upload photos to your


•    In the Description area, tell us why

the landscape pictured is

important to you

•    Geotag your photos - If your photos

are not already geotagged, see de-

tailed instructions below or go to

map/ for help

•    Become a member of the

RCLS-SACR Flickr group

•    Add your images to the group


Geotagging Your Flickr Photos

To geotag a photo on your photo page, simply click on “Add this photo to your map!” on the map (over on the right). If the link is not visible, you can also find it in the “actions” menu at the top of the screen.


To work with more than one image you can open Organizr and find the photos you want to place on the map using Findr. Click the Map tab. Then, go to a location where you took your photo(s) by using either the “Find Location” box in the top right of the tab or the pan/zoom tools to browse to the location. When you’ve found the location, drag the photo(s) from Findr and drop it on the map.


You may also want to watch the Flickr screencast of Geotags & You:

How to add your photos to a map using Organizr.

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